March 2024 Recap

Another eventful month in the Noves world.

A key highlight from this month is that we've introduced major automation components into our process for adding support for a new chain.

What used to take 1-3 days, now can be done in a matter of minutes through a series of internal automations.

The consequence is that we expect to be adding many, many new chains this year. We're moving to a world of microrollups / appchains / ad-hocs L2s and L3s. And Noves will be prepared to tackle the challenge of a huge increase in cross-chain data fragmentation.

Other notable milestones:

Solana integration revamp

Our Solana integration in Translate has gone through a major refactoring, including a per-transaction reconciler that ensures our data always reconciles, even when the underlying transfers reported in the raw transaction do not automatically lead to reconciliation.

This is achieved through a complex system that understands the context or reasons for "missing transfers" to occur in the raw data, which then allows us to report those "implied transfers" in a way that financially reconciles and matches the actual balances of SOL / other tokens for a given account.

We're confident in saying that our Solana integration might be the only one in the market that will fully reconcile, no matter how complex or large the account being parsed is. Make sure to try it out!

Pulsechain beta support

This one has been requested repeatedly by multiple customers. It's been quite the challenge to get Pulsechain up and running in our infrastructure, but we're close to production-ready and we have beta support already enabled. It's live on Translate API!

Astar support

Astar is now fully live in Translate / Foresight and Pricing APIs!