October 2023 Recap


  • More refined spam detector implemented and being rolled out as we speak. As a result, we'll be catching a greater percentage of spam transactions across all EVM chains.

  • Protocol data now added to all transaction types!

    • If we know the name of the protocol associated with a particular contract (or the label of a known EOA that a transaction interacts with) that information will now be returned in our classified object
  • Support for more multicall / complex function patterns

    • Including Linea ecosystem partners Velocore, dYdX v1 (legacy transactions on Ethereum mainnet)


  • Performance improvements made across all of our RPC node pools. Things keep getting faster!


  • We've renamed the "Simulate" endpoint to "Preview", as it's a better description of the full power of that endpoint
  • An extensive guide on how to use Foresight (and Translate) for building a web3 wallet is now available. Check it out here.


  • Second endpoint added for getting the price of a token in a specific pool (useful for Oracle applications and the like)
  • Several new integrations added and more chains covered, including:
    • TraderJoe
    • Velodrome and other Solidly forks
    • Camelot DEX