September 2023 Recap


  • Refined and improved support for ERC-4337 transactions. Greater coverage and accuracy when classifying userOps from different perspectives.

  • New transaction types for decentralized perp protocols.

  • New transaction types to capture system maintenance txs of a particular protocol or the blockchain itself.

  • Further improvements in how we handle complex claim reward transactions, where the user re-stakes what was claimed as part of the same atomic transaction.

  • More automated classification of mintNFT and airdrop transactions


  • Added more nodes to several chains


  • Describe endpoint officially live
  • Simulate endpoint working with new transaction classification format, essentially returning the same as a classified transaction from Translate (but for a transaction that hasn't occurred)


  • Officially launched our Pricing API to the public!
    • We've had this as an internal service for over 2 years, and decided to productionize it and offer it as an API after getting repeat requests from different parties.