Complete Transaction History

When doing financial reporting with EVM data, the first hurdle is obtaining a complete transaction history.

This challenge is inherent to how asset balances can occur in EVM (hint: through multiple ways).

The Challenge

In EVM, transactions relevant to a wallet can occur in various forms. They're not limited to direct actions initiated by the wallet owner.

For instance, a wallet may receive assets through internal transactions or smart contract interactions not initiated by the owner. Similarly, another wallet or contract might send it assets.

This complexity is typically observed in how most data providers have their APIs structured.

When talking to most data providers in the EVM world, you're typically forced to ask for "normal" transactions, then "ERC-20" transactions, then "NFT" transactions, "internal" transactions, and so forth.

How Noves Solves It

Our position is that just because it's complex at the raw technical level, it doesn't mean it should be complex for you.

We solve this problem by merging all possible sources of "relevant transactions" into a single, unified list.

Regardless of whether a transaction was initiated by the wallet, or someone sent a token to the wallet, or the wallet received an internal native transfer, the transaction will be included in our list and you will have all asset transfers relevant to that wallet accounted for.