Full-Coverage Pricing

The State of Affairs

It's impossible to perform accurate financial calculations (cost basis, P&L, and more) without having prices for every asset involved a transaction.

Asset pricing is largely a solved problem in TradFi, but remains elusive and difficult to solve in the world of decentralized finance.

Most solutions in the market are limited to pricing the native token of each chain, plus some better-known tokens. Alternative kinds of assets (such as liquidity pool tokens) are generally not available to be priced.

Noves Pricing API

Noves is the 'long-tail' of on-chain pricing. Our pricing system is capable of pricing any token or liquidity pool token, at any block / timestamp.

We integrate with all major DEXes across all of our supported chains.

As long as the token or liquidity pool token you're trying to price existed and had a bit of liquidity at the requested block, we'll return a USD price for it.

By having pricing specific to the block in which a transaction occurred, calculating the exact cost basis for an asset becomes possible.