Noves APIs Overview


Noves APIs provide data that is easy to consume, easy to work with, and easy to act on.

By deciphering on-chain activity and standardizing the results, you can skip the low-value processing work and move quickly to delivering results.

We provide a comprehensive suite of APIs, all specialized in processing raw data from blockchain nodes, enriching it with a layer of meaning, and presenting it in an optimal format for various use cases.


The Translate APIs categorize transactions, standardizing them across chains and across protocols to produce a rich set of data that allows you to easily answer the question "what did this transaction do?". They readily support accounting and finance scenarios, along with any system that benefits from structured and tagged data.

The core output of the Translate API is a "classified transaction", which consists of:

  • A type (e.g. "claim rewards")
  • A description (e.g. "Claimed 100 USDC in rewards")
  • All of the asset transfers, with labels that identify what each asset transfer represents.
    • Assets are denoted by their type (fungible or non-fungible), and all relevant metadata for each asset (contract address, name, symbol, decimals) is included.


Foresight is our transaction pre-sign insights product. Leveraging the same processing layer underneath the Translate API, the Foresight API will tell you what a transaction is about to do, before it is executed.

There are two flavors to the Foresight API:

  • Describe endpoints
    • These are lightweight endpoints which produce an English description of the transaction that is about to take place, without having to conduct a full simulation of the transaction.
  • Simulate endpoint
    • This endpoint performs a full simulation of the unsigned transaction, and then classifies in the same way as the Translate API would classify a real transaction. In addition to returning the asset transfers that would occur, this endpoint will also return a complete description of the transaction, and label the asset transfers with what they represent. For example, "You're about to stake 2 ETH and claim 100 USDC in rewards".


The Pricing API is an on-chain pricing system that has a simple mandate: price anything, anywhere. With an extensive list of DEXes and chains integrated, the API can price tokens, LP tokens, and any fungible assets that trade in liquidity pools on-chain.

The API offers different pricing strategies, to suit a variety of needs (financial reporting, oracles, etc).


We operate a pool of RPC nodes that serve as the source data layer for all our other APIs. Through this API, we make available our pool of nodes to our customers.

Access to RPC nodes is offered for all the chains where Translate and/or Foresight are live. You can access raw data directly from the nodes and also get our deciphered, fully-translated version of the data via the Translate/Foresight endpoints.