Translate is an API that allows you to understand what happened in any given transaction (and in full the history of any given account/wallet).

At its core, Translate takes any transaction and classifies it into a standard type.

We have a defined a taxonomy of over 70 transaction types that are intended to capture the full complexity the various activities that happen on-chain, across different realms.

This includes DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and other applications. Our set of transaction types is described in more detail here.

The system was built on the premise that while raw transaction data is hard to decipher and interpret, we shouldn't take shortcuts in understanding it.

It is easy to implement basic levels of deciphering (for example, decoding event logs and reporting token transfers), but this is insufficient for many reporting needs and other use cases for on-chain data.

Our goal is to offer a unified API that captures the full breadth of complexity and nuance found across blockchains, in a way that is manageable to consume, for both technical and non-technical users.