Metamask Snap

Our Metamask Snap allows you to experience first-hand the unparalleled context provided by Noves Foresight API, every time you sign a transaction.

Our Snap performs a simulation (like every other similar pre-sign tool) but it also enriches the simulation with an English description of exactly what is about to happen, along with tagged transfers so you can understand the meaning of each asset balance change.

For any given transaction that you're about to execute, the Snap will produce a simple, "real world" explanation of what is about to happen. For example:

  • "This transaction will claim 10 DEGEN in rewards"
  • "This transaction will add 1 ETH and 4000 USDC to a liquidity pool"

The Snap's code is open source and can be reviewed here.

Here's a sample of what your experience using Metamask can start feeling like: