Our mandate is to cover everything, everywhere.

Our first-encounter classification rate (for transactions and/or accounts that we haven't seen before) ranges between 70% and 95%, depending on the chain.

However, sometimes we don't know what something is (at the moment).

The Unclassified Object

When we don't know how to classify a transaction, we return an unclassified.

The unclassified object is formatted in the same way as a classified transaction, except that the type is "unclassified".

Importantly, all relevant asset transfers are returned, even if the transaction is unclassified.

From Unclassified to Classified

Any unclassified contracts that we detect are placed in a queue to be mapped and/or implemented in code.

For most cases, we aim to have a turnaround time of 24 hours. So that if you call for the same transaction the next day, it will be classified.

In some cases, classifying the transaction involves implementing a new transaction type, or changing how an existing type works. Those cases require engineering and therefore have a longer turnaround time.