Transaction Inspector


Transaction Inspector is our visualizer for Translate API data. It resembles a block explorer, but enriched with meaning and additional data.

You can use Inspector to more easily visualize individual transactions and understand what happened.

Click here to see a live example of a transaction on Inspector.

Generating URLs

You can visualize any transaction you want using Inspector, across all chains where Translate API is available.

To generate an Inspector URL, visit the inspector section in the user portal.

Simply select the chain, enter the transaction hash and the perspective address you want to see the transaction from.

If you don't enter a perspective address, the default will be set to the raw from of the transaction (the address that executed it).

Once an Inspector URL has been generated, you can share it with peers, clients, colleagues. It will never expire and does not require login to be viewed.


Inspector offers three different views. You can toggle between views using the dropdown on the top right.

Default View

The default view will display a transaction with a view similar to that of a block explorer, except that it will also list:

  • A transaction type (was it a stake? a claim rewards? a mint NFT?)
  • A human-readable description
  • All asset transfers tagged with their actual mining (was this an LP token burn? a reward being claimed? a refund?)

Flow View

The flow view shows the asset transfers that are relevant to the perspective address, tagged with their direction (incoming / outgoing) and their meaning (what was each transfer for?)

Code View

The code view will simply print the Translate API output for that particular transaction, in JSON format.

This is useful if you want to cross-check how the API would return a particular scenario or type of transaction.