DEX types

Types associated with exchanges of all kinds, including traditional DEXes, on-chain order book exchanges, and centralized exchanges.

Add Liquidity

This is a transaction where the user enters a liquidity pool by adding one or more tokens to the pool.

The most typical example is Uniswap-like protocols, where 2 tokens are supplied in a ratio of 50:50 (in terms of the USD value of each token).

It is also typical of these transactions that the user gets back another token (LP token), representing their share in the liquidity pool.

Cancel Order Transaction

This type occurs when a previously-placed order in a decentralized order gets canceled. For example, cancelling a limit order submitted previously.

Custodied Remove Liquidity

In this transaction type, the user removes liquidity from a pool, without actually triggering the withdrawal of the assets back to his wallet.

This typically occurs in concentrated liquidity protocols (such as Uniswap v3), where funds can be removed from a liquidity position but remain in the custody of the contract.

Deposit to Exchange

This type occurs when the user deposits fund into a centralized or decentralized exchange, typically for the purpose of then trading with those funds off-chain.

Fill Order Transaction

This type occurs when a decentralized market order gets filled. For example, a limit order previously placed to long an asset at a certain price.

Place Order Transaction

This type of transaction is typically associated with decentralized trading protocols. It occurs when the user places a new order (for example, a limit order).


Swap is reported as the type whenever two fungible assets are traded by the user.

It applies regardless of whether the user wallet executed the actual transaction or not.

For example, keeper-executed transactions such asCowSwap or 1Inch fusion will still be classified under this type.

Remove Liquidity

In this transaction, the user removes liquidity from a pool.

This typically involves burning LP tokens and receiving the underlying tokens that had been added previously to the pool.

Withdraw from Exchange

This type is reported when the user withdraws funds from a centralized or decentralized exchange.