Lending types

Transaction types associated with lending protocols or margin positions.


In this transaction type, the user borrows an asset (either fungible tokens or NFTs) from a protocol with lending capabilities. For example, borrow 100 USDC from Aave v3.

Deposit Collateral

This transaction type occurs when the user deposits collateral into a protocol, typically to then borrow funds against it, or place an order using margin.


This type occurs whenever a user position in a lending protocol or decentralized market gets liquidated.

It has two possible perspectives, that of the user being liquidated, and that of the liquidator (who typically repays the debt and gets collateral back in return).

Repay Loan

This type is reported when the user makes a full or partial repayment of a loan he previously took from a protocol.

Withdraw Collateral

This type is reported when the user withdraws collateral/margin that was previously deposited.

This transaction most commonly occurs in the context of lending protocols.